Non-Fiction Writing

I conduct interviews with business professionals and help turn our conversations into content for their books. The unique final product is a book using their own words. I am currently working with a small business owner on his book for the For Dummies series. Past works include the truth about reality dating shows from a reality star and a marketing professional’s pun-inspired twist on the typical self-help book.

Documentary & Film Production

As a writer and visual multimedia creator I develop content that sparks dialogue. Longterm projects include a documentary series (The Confession Killer on Netflix) that investigated a 1980s serial killer who falsely confessed to hundreds of crimes. Upcoming projects include a unique blind dating social experiment. I produce and develop content for myself and others.

For my personal digital series, The Open Kitchen, my co-creator and I designed a pitch deck and proposal documents, pitched, packaged, cast and shot/edited a concept video. We also secured appropriate funding for our pilot shoot. We’re currently in the casting process. 

Event Production & Hosting

 It’s only when we come together around a shared experience that we can connect and build deeper, stronger relationships. Personal events include a homemade Greek benefit dinner that raised over $500, an Enneagram personality coaching brunch and reoccurring Sofar Sounds popup concerts. I play different roles depending on what each event requires. These commitments range from volunteering with homeless outreach group Share A Meal, chaperoning for non-profit The Thirst Project’s first legacy conference or emceeing art events featuring the LGBTQ+ community.

Elizabeth Tzagournis